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How Sakehitosuji is Made

Sakehitosuji is brewed by polishing rare and valuable Omachi-rice of the Karube district. Because each and every process has deep impact on the quality of sake, distinguished taste of Sakehitosuji is made possible. We control the quality of Sakehitosuji with unceasing care until the very last minute of shipping.


In "Step 2", let's look at "Rice Washing" ,"Maceration (Soaking)" "Steaming" and "Cooling"

Rice Washing

 In this process, we bag the rice 15 kilograms each, and wash them by hand so as to wash away the bran on the outer layer of the rice grains.
Omachi- rice is soft and may crack at this washing process or the following soaking process, so we wash them with great care.

Maceration (Shinseki)

We soak the washed rice to attain water content necessary for the subsequent "Steaming" process. This process is called "Soaking" or shinseki.
This process is controlled on second-time scale, and we pay extra caution for the rice to attain desired moisture content.


Next step is "Steaming"
Raw starch in rice as itself is hard to be broken down by glucose, so we steam (heat) the rice and alter the raw starch to α starch , which is easily convertible (easily affected by yeast or koji).
We also pasteurize it at the same time.


The next step is “Cooling”, a process in which we cool the steamed rice to attain optimum temperature for fermentation. This process also has the objective to get rid of moisture on the outer part of rice to acquire ideal state of rice for fermentation- hard outer layer and soft the inner core.
We need to be careful not the let the rice cool too much.