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How Sakehitosuji is Made

Sakehitosuji is brewed by polishing rare and valuable Omachi-rice of the Karube district. Because each and every process has deep impact on the quality of sake, distinguished taste of Sakehitosuji is made possible. We control the quality of Sakehitosuji with unceasing care until the very last minute of shipping.


In "Step 4", let's look at "Extraction" (or joso)and "Storage"


Extraction ("Joso")

When fermentation level passes its peak, we check the contents for rate of sake, and alcohol concentration, and if the condition is right, we separate the sake from sake lees by pressing them in bags or hanging the bags and letting sake to drip out.
This process is called "Extraction" or joso.


The sake (raw sake) obtained at Extraction stage is stored in a tank until "Bottling".
During Storage, maturation of flavor occurs and the rough taste of sake becomes round and smooth.
But if the sake is matured too much, color, aroma and taste deteriorate, so appropriate temperature control is essential at this stage.